Tomorrow is a digital multiple exposure photo capturing the journey of a Waterloo home from a vibrant dwelling to a vacant lot primed for redevelopment. Spanning from 2009 to 2023, the layers of this image trace the bungalow's journey at 86 Hickory Street West in Waterloo, ON, depicting its shift from function to disuse, and ultimately to demolition. 

While reflecting on change, it critiques the tension between development and community needs. The idle house, standing empty amidst a housing shortage, could have been repurposed into a valuable rental property. Instead, the developers opted for a vacant lot, advocating for a zoning amendment to increase density for financial gain, rather than immediate societal benefit. This practice starkly contrasts with European urban planning, where green spaces are often preserved. In Canada, particularly in the Waterloo Region, the same reverence for natural and artistic elements is conspicuously absent. The disregard for existing trees, potentially decades-old, points to a broader indifference toward environmental sustainability.

The situation at 86 Hickory is not isolated; it's emblematic of a pattern within the region where homes linger uninhabited, slated for eventual demolition without consideration for the interim. Tomorrow is not just a narrative of one house but a reflection on our priorities in urban development and the intricate balance between growth and conservation.

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