This work is designed to fulfil course requirements for DAC 204 - Introduce to Game Design at the University of Waterloo.
Game Design

This game is based on the things happened at the University of Waterloo in the past year, from the beginning of COVID 19 lockdown till the end of Fall 2020 term.

Core Mechanic
- Territorial Acquisition
- Chasing or Evading
Player Patten
- Player vs Player
- Chase, Race and Capture
Strategic & Skills
Mental Skills - Observation
Game Balance
Special rules to limit the ability of top ranked characters, and the special abilities that lower ranked characters have.

Materials used in this project can be found here:
The "Game Map"
Game objects were arranged into a single legal size page. The board game is designed for online distribution due to the COVID lockdown.
Story Settings
On a sunny afternoon,
Dr. Goel and his fellows,
a student from the University of Raccoonto,
one goose, and two goslings,
intending to take over the campus from Dr. Hamdullahpur,
head towards Noodles Hall
at the University of Gooseloo.

Character Design
1. Original photos (from the University of Waterloo website) as references
2. Draw the character with vector paths
3. Colouring
4. Export to Photoshop and fit into the printing template
Highest ranked token, with the ability to kick anyone out of the game
Second highest ranked token
They are only ranked higher than Goslings, but they can fly or swim
The lowest ranked token. They cannot attack anyone, but they are protected by Geese.
Tile Design
All tiles are drew by hand. Summer tiles come with the beta version.
Planning to draw a new set of tile in early 2021, featuring winter season elements.
Guide Book
Ideal of the guide book design comes from infographics and IKEA manuals.
Personally I'm not a big fan of "lawish" rulebooks, I prefer more images than texts for simple instructions or rules.

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