I delve into the intricate tapestry of choices, uncertainties, and self-discovery that come with standing at life’s crossroads. Through a series of three monochromatic intaglio prints on paper, I would like to share the emotional and existential landscape of my current life situation, poised on the brink of graduation, unsure of the path that lies ahead.
Amid the crossroads, lost in thought I stand,
Uncertain future, like shifting desert sand.
Left, then right, the choices seem unclear,
Yet in this moment, I’ll conquer the fear.
At life’s intersection, I’ll find my way,
With courage and hope, I’ll greet the day.
For in the heart’s depths, the truth will unfurl,
I’ll navigate this maze and rediscover my world.
Exhibition History
April 27, 2024  The Academic Lo-Fi, Wayzgoose 2024

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